Man Above the Fog (2017)
In Man Above the Fog, a politician (played by Jack Mulcahy) reads from a seemingly endless stack of papers. The film takes the form of a Weekly Presidential Address with text appropriated from the transcripts of various political speeches. As the speech progresses, the form begins to unravel.  Full version with closed captioning below (audio description forthcoming). 

Short film screened at the Austrian American Short Film Festival.
HD Video 5min 20sec (looping). 2017
performed by: Jack Mulcahy

a zoomed out image of the entire scene that was taken during a performance of the project. The podium is in fact a large faux dark wood wall with a window cut out of its middle. Where the window is cut out a podium is attached (so that the wall and podium become one). In this image, we see the man standing behind the podium and window, looking to his left while grasping at a sheet of paper.

performance: repeating every 10min for three hours during Columbia University open studios. 2016

installation: painted room with rotating structure on wheels.

An installation shot of the project. Image description: a medium sizes room with a TV monitor hanging on the left wall and playing the short film "Man Above the Fog." At the corners of the room there are sections of the wall which are curved, with slits revealing the original corners of the room. The floor is covered with a grey carpet, and has boulder structures that are also made out of the same carpet. The boulders sat on motors which caused them to slowly rotate in the space. The room then, appears to mimic a kind of landscape.
Rrrrose Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 
A detail shot of one of the rug boulders in the installation.
Rrrrose Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 
A detail shot of the TV monitor with the middle ages man's eyes in the frame. To the right of the TV you can see the border of the room with a rounded edge.
Rrrrose Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 
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